PowerShell to download O365 IP ranges

  $ipv4CsvFile = "${env:USERPROFILE}\Documents\O365_IPv4_Addresses.csv" $ipv6CsvFile = "${env:USERPROFILE}\Documents\O365_IPv6_Addresses.csv"   [xml]$xml = ( New-Object System.Net.WebClient ).DownloadString( "https://support.content.office.net/en-us/static/O365IPAddresses.xml" )   $products = $xml.products.product   $ipList = $products.addresslist.Where( { ( $_.type -in ("IPv4","IPv6") ) -and ( $_.address -ne $null ) } )   $ipv4… Continue Reading

megaport-pstools Released

https://bitbucket.org/cbrochere/megaport-pstools/src megaport-pstools PowerShell Tools for automation and scripting of Megaport services. This started life with the purpose of figuring out how one might schedule a bandwidth change on a VXC, but then blew-up into various other tools to simplify other… Continue Reading